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In the face of adamant opposition, Falher town council voted 6-to-1 at their last meeting to have the municipality buy them clothing for an upcoming conference.
“It’s not the best time to purchase something for council with public funds,” said Councillor Philippe Dube.
“A person can go buy one.”
The denim shirts cost $50 each, displaying the town’s bee logo, and are planned to be worn at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association meeting Nov. 14 to 17.
“It’s an image thing,” said Coun. Donna Buchinski, “it’d be very casual.”
Mayor Margaret Tardif said it is not a frivolous expense and incoming Coun. Wade Nicolet agreed.
“It shows uniformity, professionalism and shows support,” Coun. Nicolet said by comparing it to company paraphernalia. “It shows one is part of a group, and shows pride in what you do.”
“It goes against my grain,” Coun. Dube maintained. “If council votes in favour of it, I will not take one.”
Buchinski made the motion to purchase the shirts for council and Coun. Dube voted against it.
After the Oct. 22 meeting, Coun. Dube approached the town administrator Gerard Nicolet and said to buy one less shirt.

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